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Each month, about a week prior to the run we e-mail the club and ask everyone to RSVP for the run by a certain date. Once the date cutoff has passed, an e-mail with all of the run details is sent out to the members who RSVP'd. The run details generally consist of the name of the Trail guide, the name of the Safety Coordinator, the meeting place and time, a general description of the terrain, and sometimes minimum truck requirements if applicable.   THE SCHEDULE (2017) EQUIPMENT MINIMUMS - the equipment minimums listed on this page are IN ADDITION to the general vehicle requirements of the club. Remember, we recommend minimum requirements for particular trails to try and keep trail carnage to a minimum, and to keep large groups moving. Minimums are as much for others as they for you.  SPECIAL NOTE: This schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions, trail closures, or the identification of new locations to wheel.   January

Wednesday 1/25/17 Club Quarterly Meeting (Sliders)


Saturday 2/11/17 Gremlin Graveyard


Saturday 3/18/17 Brookridge


Sunday 4/2/17 - Mabel

Wednesday 4/12/17 - Club Meeting - Elections

Saturday 4/22/17 - Butcher's Block


Saturday 5/6/17 - Brookridge

Sunday 5/21/17 - Butcher's Block work and wheel


Saturday 6/10/17 - Butcher's Block

Friday 6/23/17 - 6/25/17 - Field Trip


Sunday 7/9/17 - Butcher's Block work and wheel

Wednesday 7/19/17 - Club Quarterly Meeting

Saturday - Sunday 7/22-23/17 Florida Rd & Ghosts/Tunnel Rd


Sunday 8/6/17 - The Summit

Saturday 8/19/17 - Butcher's Block


Labor Day Weekend September 1-4 New Hampshire C6 roads and exploration

Saturday 9/17/17 - Butcher's Block


Saturday 10/6-8/17 - Rausch Creek

Sunday 10/18/17 - Quarterly Club Meeting

Saturday 10/21/17 - Butcher's Block work and wheel


Saturday 11/4/17 - Trail Swap with JT 4x4

Sunday 11/19/17 - Butcher's Block


Saturday 12/2/17 - TBD

Saturday 12/16/17 - Butcher's Block

NOTE: JonFund reserves the right to change this schedule without notice.