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Butcher’s Block

Trail Description: Jonfund volunteers spent 2007 on this Private Property in Western Mass marking, cutting and cleaning trails, and most of 2009 clearing storm damage. The owner has spent several other days out there working on turning this trail system into 300 acres of fun. The current runs are work and wheel, and we will be expaneding our trail system into the easterm portion of the property. There is a main trail suitable for 33" tires and a traction device is recommended. There's a few loops with some intense obstacles suitable for anyone that likes off camber, steep hills and rocky gulches. Basically, enough to entertain anyone in any rig. Butcher's Block is many members favorite place to wheel. Trail Rating:7-8 33" tires 1 locking device OR a winch. Demanding trail with the likelihood of getting stuck. Moderately large rock/bolder work should be expected.