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Club Accessed Properties

JonFund has access to several properties for offroad adventures for its members and for NEA member clubs through use of a $25/day temporary guest membership program, and any additional day use fees at certain properties. Some of the properties are:
  • Butcher's Block -- 300+ Acres located in Northwest Massachusetts managed by JonFund 20 Rig Maximum
  • BrookRidge -- 83 Acres located in north central Massachusetts. This property is accessed thru the NEA and requires an additional landuse fee.
  • And several others such as Mabel, the Summit, the Farm, Gremlin Graveyard, Highroller, Jackpot, OFR, Turkeyhill, and more.
  • To reserve a date for your club to use any of our properties, contact any member of JonFund's board of directors (Click for email links) to request dates for your property of choice.  Once approved, you will be provided with instructions on how to proceed.
  • Guest Membership Required to satisfy legal and insurance requirements.  The fee is$25/rig with a 10 rig minimum (negotiable) for each event.  An event can be for a single day or weekend of activities.
  • A JonFund authorized Trail Guide (TG) will be required at each event to insure tread lightly principles are followed.  The TG usually is a JonFund member but can be a member of your club if authorized by JonFunds BoD (Dual memberships, previous members, Land Owner, etc...)
  • Some properties are gated and in those cases, a JonFund authorized key holder will be required to unlock the gate at the beginning of the event and to secure the gate at the end of the event.
  • Standard rig safety requirements apply: frame mounted tow points, low range transfer case, roll cage for open top vehicles, etc...
  • Liability insurance required on all vehicles wheeling our properties.
  • At this time, no Quads or Dirt bikes are allowed due to insurance requirements.
To view additional information about our managed properties or to submit your guest membership fee to use our property, please use one of the three links below. BrookRidge                                        Butcher's Block Thank you for considering utilizing JonFund services and we hope to see you out on the trails.