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What’s in a name?

What's In a Name? Off highway vehicle recreation is an endangered sport. Available lands for members of our sport is on the decrease. This being the case the JonFund is working diligently today to protect and save our sport for tomorrow. The JonFund is mindful of the importance of being able to own or at least control access to land that we can prevent closure of. To do this means that we need to increase our financial resources or our dreams will never become a reality. Our pool for land acquisition and management is called The Fund. The Fund, has allowed Jonfund to become one of, if not the first, OHV club to purchase, own, and control its own piece of land. ¬†The Fund continues to grow, and with it the Jonfund will be able to purchase and control more club owned land. The land(s) will be made available to every club member and even some non club members. The all inclusive term we use to describe all of those people is "Jon." Now, when you take who the land will be for, "Jon," and combine it with the name for our pool of money, "Fund," you get the term "JonFund." Pretty creative, huh?