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What We Do These are the day-to-day goals of our organization. 1. The JonFund will continuously work towards the conservation, future purchase, lease or control of open land for use by its members. To that end we will engage in efforts to increase the size of our land fund. 2. The JonFund will promote camaraderie and cooperation among its members. To that end we will remain a family oriented club. 3. The JonFund will engage in efforts to unite off highway recreationists to stand up against land closures and legislation that endangers the enjoyment of our sport. 4. The JonFund will work to identify new places for its members to enjoy their sport. This will be done by actively searching for new locations on an ongoing basis. 5. The JonFund will organize monthly events where its members can get together, learn, share ideas, encourage one another to become more proficient in the use of their equipment and, of course, have fun. 6. The JonFund will promote the growth of our sport by giving assistance to those who wish to start their own clubs. 7. The JonFund will work with existing clubs in a consultative manner to help them reach their goals. 8. The JonFund will support other off highway groups who share our goal of expanding the number of locations that those interested in off highway recreation can enjoy.