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The JonFund, Inc., or just JonFund to our friends, is about having fun while four-wheeling. When we get together we look for ways to help our members reach new levels of vehicle control and expertise without forgetting about the overall safety of man and machine. Our club offers deep technical and mechanical resources that come from within; members helping members to solve problem or reach new levels of refinement. Everything we do is with an eye toward responsible care for the lands we use. Contrary to the opinions of some, we are committed to the environment and its preservation. We are constantly maneuvering to ensure that our sport will survive into the future. We want our children and their children to be able to experience the enjoyment of off highway driving. The unfortunate reality is that every day there are fewer and fewer places to go and enjoy the great outdoors. Development, over-regulation and environmental elitism are keeping the gates locked on an increasing number of outdoor recreational areas. That's why JonFund is committed to securing land through permitted use, lease or even purchase. To date we have experienced good success! Through our efforts and the efforts of the regional organizations we belong to our members have more places to enjoy than ever before. To top it off, in 2010 JonFund became the first off road club in the northeast, and possibly the country, to purchase and manage its own land.  83 acres of prime acreage in central northern Mass. If we are to continue in our mission we need your support. Operating land is expensive. Your membership to our organization will make a difference in the future of four wheeling in the New England area. Jonfund's stated mission is: To own, lease, or otherwise control land to be set aside for off highway vehicle enjoyment. Our non-profit club promotes education, exploration and recreation in a safe, legal and responsible family oriented atmosphere. We advocate for the conservation and preservation of the land for future generations. Our stated vision is: That Jonfund is a growing, financially solvent, regional leader in motorized recreation, empowered by its membership to financially secure club property for continued OHV use. And of course our Values: Jonfund embraces the following values: Fun, safety, integrity, equal access for all, camaraderie, and the principles of “Tread Lightly!”