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Trail Ratings

The Trail Rating System is designed to allow you to plan ahead for our upcoming trail ride events. These ratings are the Trail Command System volunteers and the Board of Directors strong recommendations for each trail we run. The trail ratings are recommendations to allow the driver to safely complete the main trail with minimal, body damage, undercarriage scraping, or vehicle extractions under ideal weather and trail conditions. In the event of adverse conditions (snow, ice, excessive rain) the ratings automatically jump up one number. As you can see some trails carry a split rating. What this represents is an aggressive driver may be able to complete the trail with the lesser recommendation, while the more cautious driver may want to heed the higher rating. The TCS and BOD of the JonFund reserve the right to ask a driver not carrying the minimum recommendations to discontinue travel if they are continually impeding movement of the group. 1-2 OEM 4WD w/ low range Very mild trail with the possibility of small rocks or mild mud/water crossings. 4wd may not be needed for entire trail. 3-4 30" aggressive (MT or AT) tires and disconnected sway-bars. Mild trail with moderately demanding mud and/or rock work. Obstacles will require the use 4wd. 5-6 31" aggressive tires plus 1 traction aiding device (Limited Slip or Locking) OR a winch Mildly demanding trail with the possibility of deep mud/water crossings. Rocks will be larger so the use of undercarriage protection is recommended 7-8 33" tires 1 locking device OR a winch. Demanding trail with the likelihood of getting stuck. Moderately large rock/bolder work should be expected. 9 33" tires 2 lockers OR 1 locker and a winch Extreme trail with large rock/bolder work. Expect you vehicle to be at extreme angles. Likelihood of getting stuck is high. Body damage should be expected. 10 35+" tires 2 lockers and a winch Most extreme trails reserved for drivers who feel they are highly experienced. Body damage should be expected and welcomed! Very high likelihood of breaking/getting stuck. Roll over protection is strongly recommended.     Trail Ratings Tombstone: Rated 1-2 Named for the cemeteries along the trails, this fun route is a great run for your family. Learn some basic four wheel drive techniques, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the time with your friends on this back to basics 20 mile trail system through Eastern CT. Old no. 5: Rated 2-4 This new trail is scenic and fun with decent challenges located in Western MA. The trail sits deep in the forest in a small town with obstacles ranging from deep wash outs, small water crossings to medium/big sized rocks. This trail is brand new to us, our second brand new trail this year. It is on private property we're using with permission. Carnage Hill rated 6+ and LMFT rated3+: Carnage Hill is a Northeast Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs property. 33s, one locker or a winch are highly recommended for your safety and the safety of others. There's rock, more rock and slippery rock. Tight squeezes between trees and a nasty rocky hill climb. Little Monadnock Family Trails system is open for use because of LMFT's Recreational Trails Program grant. For this run, we're recommending at least 31" tires. This trail will be pretty challenging without lockers or a winch, but it can be done. This time we're using the rocky power line trail, featuring very steep inclines, very deep mud and some technical rock crawling. Off Camber Anger: Rated 4-5 Newer CT private property trail it has lots of obstacles, but no go-arounds to use But don't be too intimidated about the trail rating. It has enough to challenge EVERYONE, so bring it! Some serious off camber if the name didn’t give it away! Gutter: Rated 3-4 Private Property with permission located in Western Mass, this is a stock to mild mod trail with some boulder work, with go-arounds, and some more challenging obstacles for the modded rigs. Not overly difficult but you can still find some nice challenges here as well as some nice views. Trailer parking available at the trail head. Jackpot Trail; Rated 3-4 Located on the CT/RI border, this trail is a great run and much more fun in wet weather. 31" tires and open diffs will be very challenged. Mild water crossings, rock work with mud/water, and scenic woods all create a nice trail. High Roller: Rate 3-4 Located in SE CT close to the RI border, this is a fairly mild trail. Some mild water crossings and light rock work, with a small hill climb or two. Run in the snow and ice, difficulty level can easily go up. Nice scenic run in the woods of CT. This is a great family run. There shouldn't be any long waiting periods, everyone should get around easily. Butcher’s Block: Rated 4+ Jonfund volunteers spent 2007 on this Private Property in Western Mass marking, cutting and cleaning trails, and most of 2009 clearing storm damage. The owner has spent several other days out there working on turning this trail system into 300 acres of fun. There is a main trail suitable for 31" tires and a traction device is recommended. There's a few loops with some intense obstacles suitable for anyone that likes off camber, steep hills and rocky gulches. Basically, enough to entertain anyone in any rig. Mabell: Rated 6-8 Rock, rock, and more rock! Lots of ledges and steep faces on this western MA trail. Plenty of hard lines to take with very few go-arounds. Jonfund strongly recommends 33s and at least one traction aiding device or a winch to eliminate trail braiding on this popular trail. If you can't make it up, expect the strap. Turkey Hill: 33’s + 2 lockers required Beautiful private property (200+ acres) owned by a club member in southern Vermont with great trails.