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Rig Requirements

Rig Requirements: For safe wheeling the JonFund expects that your truck will have a minimum amount of safety equipment. Our sport can sometimes be dangerous. While the main reason for these requirements is your safety a secondary reason is consideration of others.
We also require some paperwork from everyone in the club, these items are mandatory, without themyou will not be allowed to wheel .  A signed waiver for drivers and riders, Members who have waivers on file will not be required to provide one. Members,passengers or guests without a waiver on file will be asked to sign prior to the run. The Trail Guide and Safety co-ordinator will carry extra forms if you need one.
Next, because of our insurance requirements, you must provide the club with current valid insurance information, this is either;
A copy of your valid insurance card with policy number,  policy holder's name, the vehicle, and expiration date or, A copy of your insurance policy with that information or Valid proof of insurance in the state of origin - we realize some states handle proof differently, eg NY & CT use an insurance card, MA puts it on your drivers License. Keep in mind in order for the club to maintain the club's insurance we must ask you for this. This information will be kept confidential, and only provided to our insurance company if it is requested.(eg an audit)
We also require that your rig is properly equipped with the following equipment and that the equipment is securely mounted in your vehicle. JonFund maintains the right to disallow any vehicle not considered properly equipped for a run.
  • Seatbelts for all occupants
  • A spare tire within 10% of your rig's tire size securely attached to the vehicle
  • Jack capable of lifting your truck (HiLift preferred)
  • Jack board, foot or base to support jack on soft ground
  • Lug Wrench
  • Front AND Rear tow hooks, tow shackles, or tow rings rated for 1.5 times the weight of your vehicle These must be properly secured to the vehicle.
  • Tow strap (20' min.)
  • Properly secured battery
  • Shovel
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Extra fluids (oil, water and gas)
  • CB radio
  • First Aid kit
The following list includes items that are of less importance but might get you out of a jam one day when you need them the most. You know your vehicle and its reliability so please pack accordingly.
  • Tool Kit
  • Spare Parts (hubs, ignition, belts, axels, assorted hardware)
  • Garbage bags (for packing out more than you pack in)
  • Ax or saw
  • Air pump or compressor
  • Tireplug kit
  • Transfercase fluids & differential fluids
  • Winch
  • Survival kit
  • Lunch
  • Camera
When wheeling with the JonFund you will need to wheel responsibly. Please control your vehicle in such a way that it shows your respect for the environment. Airing down your tires is an excellent example of this. In addition to helping your vehicle perform better off road, low air pressure in your tires will help the landscape maintain it's integrity. Always keep the truck behind you in your rear view mirror. If they disappear then you should stop. This keeps everyone together in one safe group. Headlights should be on low beam at all times during a run in the interest of additional safety. Pack out MORE than you pack in. We know you will be exemplary in making sure that all of your food wrappings and so forth are brought back out of the woods but what about that soda can that someone left there three months ago? Ideally we will pick those up, too. (A note on cigarette butts - please make sure that they make it back to your truck and not on the ground.)