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Dues Information

We're glad you're interested in joining JonFund.  Please fill out an APPLICATION FORM which will be reviewed by the Membership Director.  

Dues $65.00 annually

  Membership renewal is in April, and all memberships will expire on a yearly basis. Dues are prorated on a quarterly basis.  Dues are 65.00, for the year 4/1- 3/31, July through September 48.75 for the three quarters to 3/31, October through December 32.50 for the two quarters to 3/31, and January through March 16.25 for the last quarter to 3/31. Please be advised, if you join in the LAST quarter, you will be charged the for the last quarters dues, and the coming yearly dues of 65.00 (per our bylaws - 3.1.1.) All memberships are family memberships. All members of your immediate family may share with us in our runs for one membership fee. Some club runs require an additional land use fee. If you have more than one four wheel drive vehicle with operators over the age of 18, each additional driver/vehicle combination will be required to pay a fee equal to 80% of the regular membership fee. To be clear about this, you may have multiple drivers and rigs in your family membership, but if you choose to bring more than one rig for the same run, thereby requiring 2 drivers on the same run, you are required to pay the additional fees. If, on the other hand, multiple drivers in the same immediate family will share a rig and driving responsibilities for the day, the additional membership fees are not required. All members are required to sign a waiver and provide a copy of proof of insurance prior to attending a trail run. This will be collected once a year for every member. All guests are required to sign waivers at every run.